ECHE 2021/2027

Carta Erasmus 2021_2027

Erasmus Policy Statement

We are a Secondary Education Centre offering Compulsory Secondary Education together with post-compulsory studies such as the High School Degree (Bachillerato) and Vocational Training Studies. The Vocational Training Studies that we offer cover the professional fields of Administration, Information Technology and Commerce, both at Intermediate and Higher levels. Since 2014 we have been working on the internationalization of our school by participating in European projects.

The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education will allow our school students and staff to continue to carry out higher education mobilities, as well as to act as a welcoming centre for those who request it.

 Our participation in the Erasmus programmes, as a strategy for the modernisation and internationalisation of our school, pursues the following objectives:

– Provide as many as possible of our students and teachers with an experience of mobility together with contacts related to learning in the context of the European Union. In order to fulfil this objective, we encourage the participation of our school in all the projects and programmes with this purpose.

– Internationalise and modernise the Higher and Intermediate Level Training Cycles taught in our school, giving our students the possibility of carrying out their internship in companies in the European Union, and also promoting the reception of teachers from other European countries to teach in our classrooms.

– Awaken interest among our school students and staff for the knowledge of foreign languages, culture and customs, as well as improve their language skills and abilities.

– Facilitate our students´ acquisition of identity, professional maturity and personal autonomy. – Increase our students´ opportunities of access to the labour market, and their possibilities of promotion, both in Spain and abroad.

– Upgrade the quality of teaching of our teachers through observation and exchange with foreign schools and companies, establishing collaboration links with them and importing innovative work methodologies.

– Encourage the participation in the mobilities of people with special needs and those belonging to disadvantaged groups, regardless of their socio-economic level.

– Promote the development of social and intercultural skills, critical thinking and media literacy, as well as raising awareness about challenges related to the environment, climate change and sustainability.

All these objectives aim to transform our school into a space for cultural exchange and learning, where our students and teachers are motivated to participate in European projects, increasing career prospects and employment options, creating international networks and contacts, improving the participants´ language skills and promoting personal development and active participation in society.

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